Monday, December 31, 2007


I recently discovered a new location to do some trail running in the bay area. It is San Bruno Mountain State and County Park. The trails aren't very long, but by stringing some together one can put in some very nice distances with good climbs and fantastic views.

My favorite trails are the Summit Loop and the Ridge Trail. The Summit Loop goes from the park entrance up to the summit (creative name - uh?) at 1314 feet elevation.

It offers some fantastic views.

Here, a couple of Red Tail hawks study some ugly guy running by.

From there, one can then run out along the Ridge Trail which, as the equally creative name implies, runs along the ridge of the San Bruno mountains terminating at Oyster Point.

Here the Ridge Trail runs to the horizon with Mt. Diablo (elev. 3849) being faintly visible through the fog on the other side of the San Francisco bay.

Great views of the south bay, east bay and downtown San Francisco.


Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Nice, huh? I run this park when we visit my wife's aunt who lives close by in Daly City. It's more of a formidable workout when you've got a toddler on your back.

Sunshine Girl said...

It looks a lot warmer than where I run! I am always amazed that such beautiful places exist in such a "urban" environment. Accessible wilderness is a great thing!

Alan said...

I am sure it can be quite warm, but my last few runs have been rather chilly. Of course, San Bruno chilly probably doesn't compare to Canada chilly :)