Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I started running ultramarathons about 2 years ago with the goal of doing Western States 100 (considered by most to be the granddaddy of all U.S. ultramarathons). There were others races I wanted to do such as Leadville, but Western States was my main goal - similar to Kona being my Ironman goal.

So I entered the SF One Day and did my first ultra running 53 miles in about eight and a half hours. This qualified me for the lottery to get into Western States. I wasn't drawn. Then I qualified the following year - and wasn't drawn. That made me a "two time loser" which meant that I was automatic if I qualified for the 3rd straight year. I did. Then they changed the rule and did away with the 2 time loser lottery. But, for those, like me, that would have been automatic entry, we were given our own lottery for 2009 that would give each a 1 in 2 shot of being drawn. Those not drawn there (or the general lottery) would be automatic for 2010.

But.....this year Western States was cancelled due to wildfires (first time in its history). So all 2008 runners were given the spots to 2009 - but for a small lottery of about 50 spots. I wasn't drawn.

So....they had a separate lottery for the remaining two time losers for 2010. I wasn't drawn. But was given an automatic entry (once I qualify in 2010) for the 2011 race.

So.......I have finally made it to the big dance. Sure I have to wait a few years, but I am "in". In the meantime, I will enter the general lottery for 2010 and hope I am drawn meaning I will be in both for 2010 and 2011.


Clara said...

Holy moly that would be frustrating! It's scary to even say you're already "in" for 2011 since it seems like things keep changing or crazy events keep happening.

Good luck to you- hope it happens!

Alan said...

Yeah - a bit frustrating. But I will run it in 2011. I have no doubts the WSER committee will honor that. I hope to get a lucky shot in 2010 too.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

It took 5 yr for you and me to be in WS! Perhaps that'll make it so sweet when we toe the start line. Yes, let's hope luck will come to us in 2010.

In the meantime, there are a lot wonderful races. Just in need of time and $$.

Wish you get ready for 2009!


Anonymous said...

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