Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Back!

Well, it has been a couple years since I have posted. In that time, I have some race reports written that I need to post here. That includes another DNF at Western States last year, a DNF at Vermont 100 in 2010, a DNF at Keys 100 last year....but a 100 finish at Run de Vous 100 last year. (I will try to get those loaded)

I am at the point where life seems to get in the way of life! Between work and family my Endurazone has slowly evolved into a sedentary/get fat zone. But, I still get the itch. I entered Ironman Canada this year, but recently withdrew because I just had not trained enough.

But, this weekend I will be returning to the Run de Vous (directed by RD legend Rajeev Patel). This time, my wife Cori will be joining me as she attempts her first 100 miler (she walked with me for over 40 miles in my attempt last year).

Best of all Cori's 14 year old son Connor and my 14 year old son Brandon will be joining us as they attempt their first 100 miler! We will probably job and power-walk the whole course. Brandon and Connor want to raise funds to help their school buy new books, computers and sports equipment, so they are using this 100 miler also as a fundraiser. They are asking for pledges in support of their attempt – either a flat out commitment or a per mile pledge. They have a website here: WEBSITE They would welcome any help you can provide.
Stay tuned!

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