Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Global Endurance - a Geographic Perspective

I was running this morning in Vancouver right along the seawall and it made me think how lucky I have been to participate in endurance events, whether organized or training, in so many states in the U.S. and, in fact, a fair number of countries.

My love for endurance sports has allowed me to run, swim and bike in and along some of the most memorable sights such as: Lake Tahoe, the Golden Gate Bridge, NYC's Central Park, numerous arrondissement's of Paris, along and in the Rhine river, the Colorado Rookies and the Canadian Rookies, the Swiss Alps and the Austrian Alps, old streets of London and the Vegas strip, the Boston marathon course and the sandy beaches of Panama City Beach, the South China sea, the Hawaiian waters and shore, around the Washington Monument and the side streets of Manila.

Below is my tally to date (I believe):

United States: California, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, Washington DC, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Countries: U.S, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Austria, Saipan, and Canada.


Peter Lubbers said...

Which one will you join first, The 50-States club or the 7-Continents club?
Decisions, decisions :)
Take care,

Alan said...

Good question...maybe the 50 states. :)