Friday, September 7, 2007

Stevens Creek 50 Coming Up Tomorrow

Got my official Bib # for the Stevens Creek 50K trail race tomorrow: 11.

I am not too optimistic about a great finish. Travel has (as usual) been killing my training - I touch down from a few days on the east coast this evening.

Plus, I am fighting a bit of a headcold. There, I have laid down my excuse platform early this time :)

Anyway, I'll use this race as a base building training run for the RDL 100 mile race in a couple weeks and, hopefully, just have fun.


Jim said...

you didn't do too bad, you beat me (the even older guy in the the bright green tee shirt)marathon06

Alan said...

I remember you well...we ran togther for a bit, you kept passing me on the uphills :) Good run Jim!

Alan said...


Also, a big thanks for pointing me the right diection at the fork after the first aid station turn-around!