Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just developed a roll of film from the camera I carried with me during the Inferno mountain races in Switzerland. Here they are (note: I encourage you to click the photos for full size images - you can really appreciate the magnitude of the climbs and beauty of the Swiss scenery):

Race Start:

Early view of the valley.

Runners going up the trail.

View from the trail heading out of Murren.

This is the top of the final face before heading up the Schilthorn peak.

You turn the corner past the crest, and this is your view....the finish line straight up.

Climbing the final few kilometers, this is the view to your is a steep drop straight down. really is straight up.

The view at lunch - that is the Eiger to the left.


anil said...

I meant for inferno! amazing course.
great job out there.

Alan said...

Thanks - the course is awesome.