Sunday, September 23, 2007


We, the Ultraholics were there in force and we all met at the starting line (Cavitt School in Roseville). Anil had volunterred to help with set-up and registeration, so we all figured we'd land a hand. Next thing we know, we were unloading boxes after boxes from 5-6 vehicles, laying out shirts and other materials, and helping set up the start/finish line.

There I had an opportunity to meet Norm Klein for the first time. Norm is the RDL race director. Also, I met his wife Helen, also a race director and an ultrarunning legend. Helen has set and still holds a HUGE number of running World Records. In addition to this patriach and matriach of ultrarunning putting on some of the best ultras in the country, they are plain and simple purely nice people.

After setting things up, we met for the briefing. Norm kept it short and it was informational. It was fun hearing his "war stories" of various ultras and past RDL's.

Also there were Gordy Ainsleigh. Gordy is not just an U.S. ultramarathoning, he is U.S. ultramarathoning. Gordy was the creator of the Western States 100 Endurance Run. For his full story:

Norm and Gordy at the pre-race briefing

So, the pre-race briefing was done and it was off to a Pasta dinner. Then, back to hotel rooms for our last opportunity to sleep for at least 30 hours.

Race report and photos to follow.

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