Thursday, September 13, 2007

Post-Race Celebration and Pre-Stevens Creek 50km Party

The night before the SC 50km, a group of us got together at Raj's house (no, not either of those 2 Raj's, but a 3rd one!) down in the Saratoga. It was a great get together with Raj, Raj and Renuka, Anil and Rasmi, Vinod, Raj and Anu, and many others! We got to meet the friends and family of our e-mail co-conspirators. Fun, great food and friendship. We celebrated the recent victories (Raj, Anil, Chihping's and my TRT 100 finish and Raj and Vinod Ironman Canada finish). Unfortunately Chihping wasn't able to attend as he was competing at Utah's Wasatch Face 100 miler. However, that left more cake for every one else :)


Julian's blog said...

Dear EnduraZone:
The nature photography is stunning.
Good luck with your work.

Alan said...

Thank you - it is something that my friend Chihping taught me, that no matter how hard the course or fast the effort, it is best to bring a camera along to record the viw.

Alan said...

"view" :)

Rajeev said...


There is no third Rajeev! Anu's husband's name is Raj (short for Gururaj). It WAS a fun party!!


anil said...

wow! what a course.

Alan said...

Rajeev - thanks for teh correction. I am in the habit of assuming "Raj" = "Rajeev". Well, we still have a "full house": 3 Raj's and 2 Vinods. :)