Friday, September 21, 2007


Anil, Chihping, Rashmi and I are in the car heading to RDL. Traffic is nice - we are relaxing while Rashmi drives.....if only she would agree to run for all of us tomorrow too! Weather report has improved a bit - it looks like it will be an awesome day for running with maybe a small rain shower here and there Saturday to keep us cool.

On my flight coming home from Texas the other night, I was playing with some numbers and possible race strategies. I was going to try to just beat my TRT100 time of 27:50 but hold off on my sub-24 effort until San Diego 100. But now I have a conflict that weekend, so won’t be able to do the SD100 (children’s school event). So, although I question my fitness level, I want to re-examine RDL as a sub-24 hour try. Here is what I came up with:

From the start to No-Hands Bridge , it is basically a marathon (26.68 miles). If I run at 11 minute mile pace, that gives me a little under 5 hours.

From there to around the base of Cardiac Hill on the return trip is about the 50 mile mark. If I slow down a bit due to the climbing in that section and average 13 minute miles for that section, it will take me about 4 hours 45 minutes (call it 5). So that is a 10 hour 50 miler. I realize that is a little aggressive (it is 45 minutes faster than my first 50 at TRT), but around what I did at Quicksilver 50 and I believe it is about the same terrain, maybe a little easier (and I was sick at QS).

Now if I slow down further and average 13 minute 15 second miles for the next 17 miles back to the school (and 67 mile mark) – that adds 3 hours 45 minutes more. This gets me back to the start at 8:00pm. A 14 hour 67 mile run for a cumulative average of around 12 and half minute miles.

Now, for the next 33 miles, I decided that despite it being much easier terrain, I would dramatically slow down my pace due to the fatigue. So if I average 14 and half minute miles for the final 33 miles, that gives me 8 hours exactly.

Total would be 22 hours. This gives me a 2 hour cushion. I can realistically see me eating some of that cushion, maybe 30-45 minutes worth in the 50 mile to 67 mile portion. That would leave 1 hour 15 minutes cushion in the last 33 miles. On the other hand, I may be able to save a bit of time in the initial marathon as I believe I will probably run it a bit faster (not too much though….maybe 30 minutes faster).

I honestly do not know if I can do this – but if I want to go at a sub-24 hour at RDL, I think this plan may be my most realistic approach. Chihping and I may try running this strategy together.


Mark said...

Shame on you, Alan - you were calculating 8pm for mile 67, but it took you till 8:02!!! ; ) Keep going, barring injury, sub-23 is looking good.

Alan said...

Well, it wasn't injury - you will see in my report to follow that I plain died. Despite my meeting/beating my marathon, 50 mile and 67 mile goals (actually I entered 67 at 7:45. but exited later due to trying to get food in my stomach...and keep it there) I suffered all day and after 70 miles, my body said enough was enough. Oh well, another finish - full report and images to follwo.