Sunday, June 29, 2008


This weekend I decided to get in some miles while also relaxing a bit for my upcoming Badwater 135 miles Ultramarathon attempt.

So Saturday, Cori and I hit Huddert Park - a wonderful Redwood Forest park in San Mateo county. The views were awesome - redwood trees higher than buildings and trails that made the ultrarunner weep.

It was a warm day and the hike was wonderful. It gave me a chance to view my trails at a slower pace while also training my legs for the eventual walking that I would face during my ultras.

Then today, I woke up and put in some hefty miles at San Bruno Mountain state and county park. I started running and immediately noted the beautiful flowers in bloom.

Every step I took chased bumble bees ahead of me, like dolphins in the wake of a bow, they led my way happy to get to the next blossom and exchange the burden of pollen for the engorgement of nectar.

I noticed quite often the ripe wild blackberries along the trail.

So much so, that I returned that evening with Cori, Connor and Connor's friend Max to gather blackberries.

As I ran, I was able to view beautiful valleys and wonderful wild growth.

Then, I left the Summit Loop Trail and entered the Ridge Trail. Here was evidence of a 300+ acre fire a week or so earlier. It made me think of Jean, Chihping and the other ultrarunners who just lost out on Western States 100 due to wildfire threats.

As I approached the crest of the burnt trails, I noticed around 25 or more ravens sitting on the crest, catching an updraft or merely staring at me. I don't know if they were there for the view, to find barbequed carrion or to blend into the black ashes. No matter what, they joined me for my run for a bit.

It is sad to think about the wildlife that was lost in the flames. But soon, I came upon a small bunny that was nibbling on some greens... ....and a hummingbird darting through the flowers (try to find him below - I dare you) Nature it seems has balance all figured out.


Clara said...

You're so lucky to be able to run in such a beautiful area on different terrain!
Do you always carry a camera with you when you run? Sounds like a good idea but I never do it. My hands always get so sweaty and nasty I'm afraid I'll ruin the camera from the wetness. Haha...

Alan said...


Yes, it is wonderful. There are so many great places to run here - I am very fortunate.

I carry a camera a lot, but not always. Usually if I go somewhere new or have an idea for photos I will bring it. I also have a small hip pouch that hangs from my water bottle belt if I don't want to carry the camera.