Monday, June 16, 2008


My friend Rajeev Patel "tagged" me with the list of 5 questions. So I better answer them and tag my 5 victims fast:

1. How would I describe my running 10 years ago?
In the mid 80's I was running a lot of marathons and even considering ultras when I got into triathlons. Then came law school and my career so I did nothing for a few years. Ten years ago I was actually just getting back into running again after being more involved with cycling, a lot of weight lifting and Brazilian jiu-jitsu the few years prior. A friend talked me into doing Escape From Alcatraz triathlon again so I increased my running and I decided to see if I could qualify for Boston again (I did two more times). I continued running but mostly as part of my Ironman training.

2. What is your best and worst race experience?
Those are difficult to answer. Each experience is "best" in its own way. I have my first ultra finish (SF 1 Day), my first 100 mile finish (TRT100), my best placing in Ultras (Ruth Anderson, Fear & Loathing and Keys Ultra), my fastest 100 (Keys 100), etc. But some of the best thing about a race is not so much the race itself but the people. I have forged new friendships, felt incredibly lucky to meet and share experiences with fellow runners, have been humbled by gratitude felt towards some of the best crews and volunteers, and have been in awe of some of the great runners I have witnessed compete.

Worst experience - well, going dehydrated and needing 2 IV's at American River was no picnic. Neither was not being able to hold anything down the last 30 miles and getting 23 blisters at Keys Ultra. But in a way, those were also valuable lessons. To date, the worst I have ever felt was when I realized that I had no choice but to record my first ever DNF at mile 80 of Rocky Raccoon 100.

3. Why do you run?
Four words: I love to run.

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?
Best: Wow, I have been given some great advice by more experienced runners(some I listen to, others I foolishly ignored). But I was advised to take the initial climb at TRT100 nice and easy and I did. I felt great at the top and ended up passing a lot of people shortly after that.
Worst: Trying new inserts in my shoes - they ended up killing my feet during long runs.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.
I like to play poker, cook (I make a mean wild mushroom risotto) and go fishing. Oh, and while in high school and early undergrad I had long hair past my shoulders and headbanged to heavy metal. Motorhead! Rock on!!!!


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Baldwyn said...

What inserts were they, btw? I've had similar problems with Superfeet inserts.