Thursday, August 14, 2008

COUNTDOWN TO LEADVILLE (subtitle: Old West Graves)

Well, the Leadville 100 Miler is this weekend. I was in Denver working and then drove over to Leadville. Along the way, I stopped at the grave of old west cowboy Buffalo Bill This was kind of funny as one of the things Cori and I did with the kids right before I left was to see the grave of Wyatt Earp, famous western gun fighter (its in Colma pretty close to our home).

Alomg the drive to Leadville, also stopped at a place called Lookout Mountain - what a view.

The drive was beautiful - passing lots of lakes, mountains and trees.

I got to Leadville around 5:30. There was a pasta feed already underway. I went in, grabbed a plate prepared by the nice volunteers and joined the crowd. One of the Badwater pacer's for Bob Becker (Keys 100 RD) came over and said hi to me.

I then checked in and got my goodie bag and number. I went over to the merchandise table and bought a few items.

Then I went up to the Leadville Hostel, my accomodations this week. The place was really nice. I met my roommates - Bill Finkbinder from Auburn (he's completed more than 20 Leadvilles); Jonathon (boyfriend of Tia from UltraRunning mag); and Elwyn who finished his first ultra at Leadville last year.

The weather report is looking....challenging. In Leadville itself highs during the race will be 50, lows at 30. Up on the course, such as Sugarloaf Pass and Hope Pass, sub-30's. Brrrrrr!!!!! Definitely a front coming in.

Oh well, off to bed soon trying to get a good night's sleep in this nice thin air.


Michael Kanning said...

I was on a trip with my youth group a couple weeks ago and we drove on Highway 70 through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and it was unforgettably beautiful. We didn't actually go through Leadville, but I'm sure it and the race will be equally awesome. Good luck Alan!

Rajeev Char said...

CONGRATS! Alan, Another 100 miler! Sub 29hrs...Pretty darn awesome. Awaiting your race report.