Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was in Basel, Switzerland on business. I get there quite often due to my work and love to run through the city and along the Rhine river. This time I took my camera with me to capture some of the scenery in Basel.

The architecture is beautiful - makes the U.S. buildings seem so young and new by comparison.

The run takes me down small cobblestone streets and up these wonderful tiny alleys.

Soon I reach the Rhine river and cross over one of Basel's bridges.

The run takes me past these great fountains (my favorite is the dragon one complete with the doggy watering bowl at the base). The water is so clean and wonderful one can drink right from the fountains' spigots.

Basel is also a city full of public art. Running takes me past these great pieces of art including this moving water sculpture piece and other objects along the Rhine.

After running for a bit, the Rhine takes me to the German border. This time I brought my passport with me just in case (turns out I never needed it - border crossings are a breeze since the EU was formed even for non-EU countries like Switzerland).

I cross the border and continue running along the Rhine. The scenes are prettier in Switzerland as that part is a bit more industrial in Germany. But still I come upon a beautiful German hillside vineyard.

After a bit I turn around and re-enter Switzerland. While most of the run is on bike paths and sidewalks, there is also some small trail running along the Rhine.

After the trail I cross back over to the other side of the Rhine. Looking downstream I see Switzerland.

Looking upstream, is Germany.

I pass a part where a small river flows down to meet the Rhine. There is a small foot bridge over this river and it lies next to a pretty park.

Then I come to the remains of the old wall. Like many old European cities, Basel was once a walled city. Here are the remains of their wall.

As I mentioned, Basel has a lot of art. This time they had various aerial displays throughout the city.

It was really neat running under these pieces.

As I continue up the Rhine, I came across a section where I had not yet ran. It had an old papermill and was set in a shaded area with a wonderful stream.

I begin to re-enter Basel central. I get to run by these beautiful old churches.

My run ended and I went to the office for yet another day of work. But what a way to start the day. And this day was actually August 1 - Switzerland's National Day (similar to our 4th of July). That night they had a wonderful firework show over the Rhine.


Jayne said...

do you have a running map or route for your run through basel? i'm going there soon for a work trip and need to keep on my running schedule, as i'm training for a race...thanks!

Nancy T. said...

Hi---my husband is leaving tomorrow (6/27) for a three week stint in Basel for work. He is a runner and I would love to have map of your running route, too to give to him if you have one.
Thank you,

Alan said...

Wow....I never saw these comments. I am very sorry. I am sure you have learned that Basel is easy for a run.....hit the river and run along side it. E-mail with any questions and again I am very sorry for the LOOOOOOOOOOOONG delay.