Sunday, September 28, 2008


My last evening in Hong Kong graced me with a typhoon (videos of the typhoon in the HK post below). So, I was a bit tired when I got to Shanghai. As I landed mid-day, I didn't get a chance to do my run until after business meetings. Despite the late hour, it was hot and humid still. Nevertheless, like each time I run in a new city, I enjoyed the run. I was in the Pudong region of Shanghai which was a newer growing financial district. I ran along city streets, passing the Shanghai science museum and some parks.

Right away I noticed an hierachy - runners gave way to cyclists - cyclists gave way to moped riders - they gave way to small cars - they gave way to larger cars. Taxies just didn't give a shi!

I ended up running through a small park and then on the way back saw some local sights.

The next morning I woke up and decided to run near Century Park. This was the largest park in Shanghai and I wanted to find the location as my web research told me this was a good place to run (and just a short run from to my hotel). I got there and ran around the outside of the park (it opens at 07:00 and I got there at 06:00). I had a great run and saw many other runners. Here are scenes from the outside:

At one point I ran across some older Chinese ladies practicing their sword skills with real swords. Not sure this would be allowed in a U.S. park.

Then as the sun started to rise, I headed back to my hotel knowing that I would run through Century Park the next morning,

The next day I headed to Century Park with 10 RMB in hand (equal to about $1.50) to pay admission to the park. What a bargain. The park has a large lake in the center and trails with rocks, stone and dirt paths through out it.

I ran past some wonderful coves and gardens and over Asian bridges. What a way to start a day:

As I ran, I saw maybe a dozen other runners. There were a lot of locals, one who took my photo.

The park has great flowers, lakes and designs.

Then, on my way running back to the hotel I noticed certain signs - yeah, too bad the communists ruling class in China can't see the error in their way and decide to allow capitalism to enter China:

After my run there, I decided to run and see other parts of Shanghai such as the Bund (old Europoean settlement area) and shopping districts:

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Thomas said...

Very nice pictures (apart from the big M, maybe). That park looks spectacular.