Saturday, September 20, 2008


Last weekend I was at the San Francisco Polo Fields watching my son's soccer game (they won 6 to 1). I noticed two guys next to me chatting. One looked familiar - he was wearing North Face clothes and shoes and he was speaking with an older gentleman wearing a jacket that said North Face Team. The younger one was Dean Karnazes - the other his father.

I went up to introduce myself. I just happened to be wearing my Badwater 135 hat and we talked a bit about that race that we both ran. We chatted for quite awhile about other running events too. Both Dean and his father were very nice. It turned out that Dean must have left the Polo Fields right after our conversation and headed to NYC where he attempted to break the 48 hour treadmill record (he fell a bit short, but still did over 210 miles!!!)

It was really nice to just chat with this well known ultramarathoner. He was very down to earth - just another soccer dad who happened to be an ultramarathoner.

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Clara said...

now i can see running 210+ miles and not thinking that's crazy, but why in the world would you want to do it on treadmill? that seems like you'd just be killing your body....