Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was in Italy a few weeks ago on business and went on a run from the village of Monterosso to the village of Vernazza. It goes over a mountain between the two villages. Cori and I did this as a hike during our honeymoon and I decided to run it this time. Here are my photos.

The Ligurie Sea under Monterosso.

A small church on the way up the mountain

St. Francis (San Francisco's patron Saint)

A small cemetary on the mountain side

My reward - grappa in the setting sun.


brian said...

Great pics of your run through Italy! When you go on trips like this, how do you find these types of running routes?

Alan said...


I usually "explore" cities by running and I just go where it looks good. This one was recommended to Cori and I by my sister as a nice hike for our honeymoon. Coincidence that almost a year later I was back near there on business so I decided to run it.