Thursday, October 11, 2007



In a few weeks (October 27), I will be running the Fear & Loathing in San Francisco 50km, a race put on by our friends at ZombieRunner. It will be a unique experience to run 31 miles through the streets of San Francisco.

Then, the next week (November 4) I will run my first New York Marathon. I hear that Lance Armstrong may run again, so would be cool to run next to him.

November 24, I will run the Quad Dipsea. I ran the Double Dipsea as part of the first two Esacpe from Alcatraz triathlons. I am looking forward to this run - the trail is beautiful.

The last Ultra I have scheduled for this year is the Sunmart 50 in Texas. I would like to shoot for a P.R. there, possibly getting as close to (or a second under) 8 hours (my current 50 mile p.r. is slightly over 8 and a half hours).

I am now officially entered in my first 100 miler for 2008. It will be February 2, 2008 - the Rocky Racoon 100 in Texas. This will be on the same course as the Sunmart 50 and will be my target race to break 24 hours. Per the race website I have been issued my race number: 48.

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Peter Lubbers said...

Awesome schedule. Don't think I can join you at RR100 next year, although that is a race I'd liek to run once.
Take care,