Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ultramarathon Meeting At O'Hare Airport

I was returning home from a business trip in Chicago yesterday. As I was standing in the security line, a passenger passed to my left. I caught a familiar looking emblem of a ram's on his shirt and then a Richter scale looking topo map on the back. He was wearing a Hardrock 100 finisher's shirt.

We started talking (I was wearing my Tahoe Rim Trail 100 belt buckle) about ultras. He told me his name was Bill and he was from Loa Alamos. As we chatted more, I learned that he did Hardrock, Leadville and H.U.R.T. this year! Looking at the results for all 3 races, there was one Bill from New Mexico: Bill Geist. I Googled him and found a story about him and a friend here:

Overall, he was a really nice guy. I told him about this blog and about our Ultraholics group so I hope he "pops in" for a look.


Bill said...

Hi Alan,

It was nice to meet you at the airport yesterday. Normally when I wear an ultra shirt, no one knows what they are, but yesterday I meet you and then one my flight to Denver I ran into some other people who knew about the Hardrock event and one of them was even wearing a Hardrock shirt also! Good luck in the New York City Marathon.

Take Care

Alan said...

Hi Bill. Nice meeting you too - glad you found the Blog. Hope to see you at the races soon. NYC is just a "fun run" for me. No goals other than trying to run by Lance for a few minutes :)

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

With Vermont being 20th in 2008, I guess I'd like to try again to get approval about Grand Slam. But I hate to miss TRT, which is on the same weekend as VT.

Hope you make more Grand Slam races next year.