Friday, July 3, 2009


While we were on our honeymoon in Italy, Cori and I decided to do a nice hike in the mountains of Cinque Terre. Our hike started in Monterosso, a beautiful village on the Italian Liguruia coast.

We started "hiking" on a wide paved path that led up the first climb, past a statue of St. Francis

and to a small chapel and cemetary on the mountain top overlooking vineyards.

From Monterosso we climbed a trail that led up the mountain, sometimes steep and narrow, other times wider and more gentle. It was actually the hottest day of our entire trip to Italy. The closer we got to the first large climb (ending at a monestary) the more narrow the trails got and the hotter it became.
We were running low on water and then came across a small water fountain set up for hikers.

Nearing the monestary, the views were absolutely beautiful and the trails more single track and steeper.

Once we left the monestary, we continued on a paved road for maybe half a mile and then picked up the trailhead dropping down to Varnazza.

The views of the mountainside and ocean were beautiful...

We constantly saw large locust flying around.

We descended some very steep sections and finally came around a corner and the village of Vernazza came into view.

We descended down the trails past vineyards and olive tree orchards.

Then we entered Vernazza, a beautiful town on the Liguria shore.

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