Friday, July 31, 2009


It has been awhile since us Ultraholics and friends have played that old game called Blog Tag. Here is how it works (or should work in theory). I pose a few questions, answer them and then tag three other blog owners to answer the same questions, and so on and so on (they also have to tag the person who tags them). So, here it goes:

1. Do you have a favorite race you ran this year - if yes, which one and why.

For me it had to be The Barkley. Although it was my second DNF, it was an unbelievable experience. The people who participate in this insane event are a wonderful group. The course is beyond hard but beautiful. I loved it.

2. Have you selected any race goals for 2010?

Yes, I want to do the "fun run" at Barkley. This is 3 of the 5 loops (I don't dare dream of being able to do all 5 loops.....692 out of 700 people have failed at the full 5).

3. Did you discover any new (non-race) trails this year?

I stayed mostly on my San Bruno Mountain trails, but did find a neat trail system in Central Park, Rome, Italy.

4. Why do you run?

I hate to swim. Seriously, I love being in the outdoors, seeing nature, burning off all my makes me feel alive.

5. There are extreme ultramarathons - Spartathlon, Run Across America, Badwater, etc. are you planning any?

I would really like to try Vol State one year....and Christian is planning a Run Across Georgia that sounds cool.

6. Favorite food during ultras and favorite post-race food?

I found that plain tuna fish is a great race fuel. I love hot cheese pizza after a race (although at Keys 100 MUST have conch fritters).

7. Are ultrarunners part of your life outside of races?

I consider some ultrarunners my best friends. People like Rajeev Patel, Chihping Fu, Bob Becker, Mandy Miller, and others are people that I am proud to call my friends. We talk of ultras, but we also share life experiences such as birthdays, weddings, new (and terminated) jobs, etc. The best part of ultrarunning are the people. Plus, of course, my wife Cori will be doing her first ultra - so, that would be a YES!

8. What do you consider the most beautiful ultra course you have run?

That is tough. Mont Blanc is beautiful - with its high snow covered peaks, European valleys and stream. Leadville is very similar. Barkley was beautiful also - loved the deep forests and the stream. I still think Badwater has some of the most unique and beautiful scenery.

9. Favorite race director?

Ouch - that is a tough one. Bob Becker and Rajeev Patel tie for first, Laz for second, and so many others coming in third.

10. What is your longest streak at running the same race?

I have done Ruth Anderson 50k two years in a row and I have done Keys 100 two years in a row. Only being in this sport for 3 years kind of limits my streaks.

I will tag Rajeev Patel, Chihping Fu, and Christian Griffith.


Joseph Lea said...

Very cool Alan. I may want to talk with you about how to get into the Barkley. That's currently on my wish list for 2010.

Mandy said...

Cool Idea. How o I get tagged?
Ultra Newbie Mandy

Todd Crandell said...

Hey buddy I admire your achievement in ultra running. I am doing my first (keys 100) and would like to to chat with ya if you have time. I have done 18 ironmans and both Ultraman Hawaii and Canada and ultra running is the next challenge. Check out or email me at

Alan said...

Joe and Todd:

Feel free to write me:

Mandy....OK, I'll tag you next time!