Friday, July 3, 2009


Yesterday, Cori and I decided to take my 3 boys on a short hike through Mills Canyon Park in Burlingame. This is a small regional park located in right outside downtown Burlingame. One almost needs to know it exists or one would drive right by it.

The park has the Ed Taylor Trail...a short loop trail that goes along Mills Creek and around the Mills Canyon Nature Perserve.

My son Brandon was breaking in a new pair of hiking boots for an upcoming camping trip and also getting used to his new CamelBak backpack. The trails winds through some very pretty areas.

Along the route, we saw much poison oak

a lizard

and many wildflowers.

This is a pretty short and mostly easy hike for young kids. It would also work well for a good loop course for trail running (actually saw one trail runner out there yesterday). After finishing this one, my kids now want me to take them on a hike to the top of San Bruno mountain where they are hoping to see some snakes :)

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