Tuesday, July 31, 2007


After my Tahoe Rim Trail 100, I received a very nice e-mail from Eric Clifton. I have mentioned him a lot below, but in case he needs further introduction he is the "star" of Running on the Sun, the documentary of the Badwater Death Valley ultramarathon race. He is also the record holder at Rocky Racoon 100 miles (a tad over 13 hours!!!!!!). He has been named Ultramarathoner of the year, profiled in many ultra books and publications and is one hell of a nice guy. He and wife Noni are two of the most supportive people in the sport - which is rare in a world where today's sports' elites are major ego cases. Here is the note:

"hey alan,

congrats on your first 100 mi finish. your write-up was very entertaining and the photos great. it almost made me regret dnfing but not quite. i have decided my next 100 i will finish regardless of how slowly i go. possibly rio del lago. gotta admire you. you picked a tuff 100 for your first and conquered. i dnfed 3 before i was able to finish one and my finish rate at 100s is around 50% still though in the past 2 years i've only finished 1 out of 7. the comraderie you express w/ other runners out on the trail is one of the most positive aspects of ultrarunning and the main reason i am still racing after all these years."

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