Friday, July 13, 2007


When I was really getting into Ironmans, I met a new triathlete named Rajeev Char who was just starting triathlons. We, along with about a half dozen other people, became good friends and training partners. After awhile, Rajeev caught the same bug I had and entered his first Ironman. It was the ill-fated Ironman Utah (the first year, swim canceeled due to waves and one death). He has since completed 2 others and will be returning to Penticton this year for his second Ironman Canada. Here is photo of us after we completed the U.S. Half Marathon in San Francisco:

About the same time, there was a group of runners consisting of past and present Oracle employees running from Oracle. I met another athlete named Rajeev Patel. After about a year or so, Rajeev left Oracle and I left my job in that area. I since took a new job back in the same area and re-connected with Rajeev via some running friends. In the time since we hadn't seen each other, Rajeev had moved onto to Ultras and had become a SF Bay Area fixture in the Ultra community. He has given me a lot of advice in my ultra training as I moved into the sport. Here he is gracing the cover of an Ultra publication (the guy with the red bandana in the back):

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anil said...

nice story of the jeeves.

you are a natural writer.