Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ironman USA Lake Placid:

Only 2 weeks after Ironman Austria. My legs were still tired. I did this as a fundraiser to raise funds for my the fight against breast cancer. A disease that my mom was then fighting (she since lost that fight). The course is beautiful but hard. It rained - and I mean rained - the whole race. My slowest Ironman finish - but was a good experience.

The swim took place in a mountain lake - two loops. There was the normal kicking, but overall my swim was not eventful except that my googles seemed to almost gouge into my eyes - I had to keep re-adjusting them. By the end of the first loop, I almost had a headache. I was very thankful when I finished the swim.

I exited the lake dripping wet and ran down to the tent - getting even more wet in the downpour rain. The bike course is hilly and has some decent climbs. I felt good the first loop, but the second loop I had almost no energy left in my legs. I think the recent IM in Austria combined with the cool rain had sapped me of my energy. I went into the transition tent at the end of the bike looking forward to some dry feet.
I changed socks and stepped outside the tent (through a waterfall of rain water pouring down the tent) and right into a huge puddle. So much for dry feet.

The run is two loops also. It passes by the old Lake Placid ski jump. I jogged and walked most of it finally finishing in a bit over 12 hours. I downed some pizza at the end and headed back to my hotel. That was Ironman #4 for me.

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