Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, I am in Texas (agan) for work (again) and it is one day before Rocky Raccoon 100. I was hoping to make this my true sub-24 hour race, but have adjusted my goals to just try and finish and get a belt buckle. I had some good racing and training through December, but (like everyone) holidays put that on hold for the last couple weeks and first week 07 and 08. I started to pick it up again, did some nice San Bruno mountain running and then, now two weeks ago, came down with a head cold. I actually wasn't too worried as I figured 3 days later I'd be running again. But nope - only 2 runs since that time, one 6 miler & one 4 miler. I am still congested in the head & chest, and fighting a lingering sinus infection. So......excuses have been laid out. I will shoot for the sub 30 hours (the cut-off) and get the buckle. I am now entered into the Keys 100 that travels from Key Largo to Key West - I will try and make that my sub-24 hour goal race. In the meantime, I'll be running the RR 100 with running nose and feet :)


Eudemus said...

Good luck Alan, hopefully all of the congestion just clears right up as you start to run.

Alan said...

Thanks - I'll just go and try and enjoy myself.....images of a cold beer should help see me through the finish line :)

Michael Kanning said...


Best of luck tomorrow! Hopefully your nose doesn't run as much as you do...But remember, whether you go out and crush your PR or finish last just under 30 hours, "to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." Give it your all and it will be worthwhile no matter what! You can do it! I'll send you good vibes at Jed Smith tommorow.