Thursday, February 7, 2008


If you read my blog posts on the Tahoe Rim Trail and Riol Del Lago 100 milers, you would know Ray Sanchez. Ray and I struggled miles 50 to 60 together at TRT100. He and I passed each each other, chatted and got lost many times between us at Rio Del Lago. Today, the Sacramento Bee newspaper published a great article about him here: RAY SANCHEZ

It is very interesting that Ray, a former Olympic trials boxer and Golden Gloves winner has moved so well into the world of ultramarathoning. The article has some quotes from my friend (and co-finisher at TRT100) Peter Lubber and from me. For some reason (despite the fact I have only been doing ultras for a little more than a year) I am called an ultra veteran.......must be my age :)

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