Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have been receiving therapy on my piriformis. Last week I saw a new therapist since Hal was out. He diagnosed the problem not only as piriformis but a slight reoccurance of a lower disc issue. About 5 years ago, I slipped a disc in my lower back less than 2 months before the Desaru Half-Ironman in Malaysia. Hal and his staff got me back in shape so that I was still able to complete the race. Here, it appears that the piriformis caused me to run those 60 or so miles at Rocky Raccoon with enough of a strange gait so as to irritate the disc again.

So, my therapy now includes both lower back/disc exercises and massgae plus piriformis therapy and massage (mostly using ART).

I am now using the foam rollers along with a Gymnic therapy ball to put pressure into the muscles.

Here is a small illustration to show the feelings/sensations obtained from these:

But overall, I feel the improvement.

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