Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mandy, Teri and Michele, my Keys 100 crew, put together this Top 10 list (they are still drafting their "race report").

10. He didn’t mind when we stored our Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the cooler with his sports drinks, Hammer Gel, and icy bandanas.

9. He didn’t mention it when we got behind him in Tavernier – he was too fast for the check out woman at Winn Dixie when we were buying ice.

8. He didn’t care that we tied his running shoes to the side mirrors to air them out when they got smelly (kidding!).

7. He didn’t get crazy when Mandy lost the van keys at the first stop – we just never told him – at least not until later.

6. He promised us Everclear slushies in Key West – and he kept his promise.

5. He wanted us to cross the finish line with him – a very gracious offer which we declined – he alone deserved that moment of glory.

4. Like the sportsman that he is, he waited until every last person still on the course crossed the finish line, the last racer with only a couple of minutes to spare before the cut-off time at noon – even though he had finished 5 hours before and by noon it was 94 degrees and at least 90% humidity!

3. He made constant reports of sea life seen from the tops of bridges, causeways, and the long, lonely highway. The crew never did see those turtles, dolphin, or rays. Oh, and we didn’t see the Key Deer poop he mentioned either!

2. He NEVER whined – not once in 25 hot, stinky, sweaty, buggy, painful hours.

1. He NEVER said the words “quit,” “I’m done,” “this sucks,” “I can’t,” “I’m thinking of dropping,” “where’s the finish?” “this seemed like a good idea at the time,” "I don’t think I can make it,” it’s hot out here,” or “why the hell can’t you chicks find the Hammer Gel.”

Mostly, it just all means Alan never gave up, he never thought of giving up, and he was an inspirational and good natured travelling companion for 3 chicks in a van inching their merry way along the most beautiful chain of islands in the Lower 48.


runsforbeer said...

Alan -- Congrats on a solid finish. You must have really sucked it up to get through to the end with those blisters. Your crew sounds amazing. I had a volunteer crew as well and I couldn't believe how luck I was to have such wonderful people looking out for me during such a long, trying day. I missed the Everclear slushies, but they sound like a good reason to come back! I look forward to seeing you at Badwater. Sounds like we had the same plan (I'm like #200 on the HRH wait list!). Hope your recovery is going well. Happy Trails, Alisa

Alan said...

Hi Alisa:

First - GREAT RUN!!!!!!!!!!! You looked awesome. You are sure to do great at Badwater.

Thanks - yeah, the blisters certainly sucked, but the last 30 miles with no food and only a few sips of water is what really hurt me. Oh well, it was still a great race!

anil said...

Awesome Alan. Thats the way to be. you are a inspiration buddy