Thursday, May 15, 2008


I arrived late last night (after flight delays). Weather is actually pretty nice here in Miami. Temps were in the mid 80's and humidity around 70%. Felt very comfortable.

I have been fighting a very mild cold, some congestion and a slight sore throat. I think it will be OK and won't impair my run (like it was when I caught the flu before last year's Quicksilver 50 miler).

I will head down to the Keys mid-day tomorrow to meet my crew and attend the pre-race briefing. I'll be careful driving:

I'm really excited about this race. I think the course will be good training for Badwater, with some heat challenges, certainly some humidity, and a lot of pavement/asphalt.

Unlike Badwater, this race won't push me with climbs that I will need to get 1/2 way up Mt. Whitney. But for the bridges, the course will be pretty darn flat.

I have set up a post all ready to go, which I hope I will update during the race, giving times, reports and maybe photos "live" during the event. So check back here over the weekend!


Eudemus said...

Good luck Alan. Excellent use of visual aids. Very funny stuff.

Will you be updating during the event? I didn't see anything about that. Oh...wait...there it is. I got a little distracted after your "pretty darn flat" comment!

We'll be thinking about you as we relax at the post-Ohlone BBQ!

Alan said...

I will try to update A LOT! Watch back at this site. Good luck at Ohlone!