Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I am approaching a little more than a week before I attempt to redeem my Rocky Raccoon 100 DNF at the Keys Ultra 100. This race starts in Key Largo and ends in Key West.

The weather forecast is predicting a day time high of 84 degrees and a night low of 78 degrees. So pretty consistent temps there. Humidity max is actually at night at 73% and day time high of 70%. Overall, MUCH better than the Sunmart 50 that had highs of 85 with humidity at 95%. Not quite Death Valley/Badwater training heat, but it should help - plus all that asphalt should help prepare my legs for Badwater too.

My training has been going pretty well. While I certainly didn't set records or win any awards, I did the Am. River 50 miler in a decent time and the RA 50km in a decent time. I ran a very nice 10+ mile run yesterday at sub 7 minute mile pace, with negative splits. So that was good. The piriformis has been very well behaved, with only dull pain (but it has been replaced with pain in the left hip "point" that also radiates down the thigh....but I think I can keep that in check).

I have been very consistent with my heat training and humidity training thanks to the sauna, steam room and business trips to Houston (where I ran in similar temps/humidity and felt great). My body weight is right around where it was at the start of the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 miler.

So now it is taper time. Need to start letting the body start getting ready for the run. My crew is all set to assist me. I will have my blackberry so will try to send in race reports when possible. Have to start preparing my packing lists as I actually fly out on Monday for business trips in Texas and then hit Miami late Wednesday for more business before the Keys! Time, time, time....always an issue in ultrarunning :)

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