Thursday, April 24, 2008


For a fun project, I gathered a bunch of images from the past year-plus of ultrarunning. I placed them mostly in groups related to the races, but mixed in a few random images here and there, mostly of various scenery. Races include Tahoe Rim Trail 100 miler; Rio Del Lago 100 Miler, SF One Day; Fear & Loathing 50m (most of the SF city photos); Sunmart 50 miler; Rocky Raccoon 100 miler; American River 50 miler; Ruth Anderson 50 km/50mile/100km; Quad Dipsea; and various marathons, mountain races and training runs.

This first one is my favorite - I was able to use all my selected images, I think they are in pretty good order, I like where the scenes fall within the music and it ends at the perfect time. Rajeev Char was at the Ruth Anderson runs volunteering but afterward was going to a Pink Floyd cover band show. This song is a great cover of a Floyd classic.

This one is nice too, the images work well with the music & lyrics, shows most of the Ultraholics, and a good mix of scenery and people grouped for the most part by event. Plus, I really like the song:

Coming back from American River 50 miler with Rajeev, we listened to a lot of classical music, so in honor of that drive, the second format is set to Beethoven (sorry Raj, the Mozarts were too short), with a fade-out to silent images.

The last selection is shorter, to a punk-ish song:


firepotter said...

Very Nice! What program did you use to create the slide show? -Gary

Alan said...

It is a website called Animoto. Basically just upload photos, select music and it renders the video.

Rajeev said...


Pretty cool I say!!


Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

cool stuff.
btw will either mail or deliver the forms soon. got overwhelmed with work (7 straight days) and didn't even know where it was for a while.

Alan said...

Thanks Raj.....I'll look for some good Mozart for you for the next one.

Alan said...

Thanks Mark! I have a few weeks to get them to France, so should be OK.

Alan said...

Funny you mention you didn't know where the forms were, after 7 straight days I doubt you knew where you were!

Michael Kanning said...


Nice photos, good soundtrack: those are awesome videos. Thanks for sharing them.


anil said...

awesome work Alan. cool to glance through past year races and sceneries.

thanks for the info. nice collage