Monday, April 14, 2008


Sunday Run Flora & Fauna
I am trying something new for my Blog. I took about 15 to 20 images that I snapped during a 13 mile training run in the bay area hills. The photos are basically the plants and animals I saw during that single run. In a simple way, I hope this video helps show why many of us love to run on nature's trails. The website I used to create this is called Animoto - and the song is called "Finally" by a band called, appropriately enough, Sunday Runners.


Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Alan,
That's great! Animoto looks like a great way to compile you own movies.
BTW, You can get lost of free music at, which would be perfect for this sort of stuff.
See you on Saturday,

Alan said...

Thanks Peter:

Glad you liked it. I had to use music from a band called "Sunday Runners".