Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, tomorrow is the Ruth Anderson Endurance Run. This unique format race consist of 4.5 mile loops around Lake Merced in San Francisco. One can choose between the 50km, the 50 miler or the 100km race during the actual race (although once continuing into a longer distance, the runner is bound to that race distance). Last year I was entered in the 50 mile option, but ended up doing the 50km race due to a pre-race injury. I was very pleased with my 3:52 and 2nd place. Report from last year is here: 2007 RA Race
This year I am leaning towards the 100km option. I toyed with the idea of dropping to the 50 miler and shooting for my first sub-8 hour at that distance; or doing the 50km again and seeing if I can get a new p.r.

However, since this is really a stepping stone race towards my Keys Ultra 100 miler next month, I think that I will stay with the 100km. I won't be racing it as much as getting the legs ready for the long mileage (base building). Plus, with AR50 only 2 weeks behind me, my legs still aren't 100% and I don't want to risk any re-injury. Hopefully I can get to that 62 mile finish line with relatively mild discomfort so that I am ready for the Keys 100!

This year, Rajeev Patel, my friend from many races such as TRT100, RDL100, and recently the AR50, is the race director. Weather should be cool and a bit windy. So, its off to pack my race gear, carbo load and get some sleep.

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