Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In mid-May, I will be trying to do the Keys Ultra 100. This is a 100 miler from Key Largo to Key West.

Since I am going there from California and it is a self-supported race, I needed to get a crew (rules require at least 2 crew members). Thanks to the WONDERFUL race management there, I now have a crew that the Race management staff put together for me from even more WONDERFUL volunteers.

Here they are:

Mandy will be my crew chief. Mandy is an accomplished triathlete, completing 6 Ironman events in addition to the World Championship Kona Ironman. In addition to crewing, Mandy may also pace me the later part of the race. Mandy, like me, is an attorney.

Michele is from Berkeley (aka Marxistville). She is also an attorney (yes, I know, 3 attorneys in one event....we all know many of you are hoping that one of the bridges collapses sending the three of us to the sharks....but they won't eat us you know. Professional courtesy and all).

Teri is the third member of the crew. She is a (no - not a lawyer) - a forensic toxicologist (way too smart for a bunch of lawyers).

As an aside, I learned that Bob Becker, the Keys Ultra RD, will be toeing the line with me at Badwater in July! He and a couple of his crew may join my summit permit and we can all try to climb Mt. Whitney on the 16th!

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