Monday, March 31, 2008


As further heat training, today I spent a half-hour before my run in the sauna with temps hitting 195 degrees F. I spent most of the time doing sit-ups, leg-lifts and crunches. Then I spent the last 10 minutes pacing back and forth at a brisk pace. Overall, it is getting very comfortable in the sauna. I then did a nice easy 4 mile run to stay loose for this Saturday's AR 50 miler.

After the run, I decided to try some more heat training. This time I opted for the steam room as I have the Florida Keys Ultra 100 coming up in about 6 weeks and felt the humidity/heat training would be good.

I swear, it felt impossible to get a lungfull of oxygen (maybe this will help with my altitude training for Leadville and MontBlanc) and HOLY SHI! was it hot! The steam made it seem so f'n hot. I lasted 10 minutes and then decided I had the choice of fainting at the feet of two naked guys sitting next to me or leaving.
I opted for leaving.

I then went back to the 195 degree sauna and it felt almost cold by comparison.

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