Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, my physical therapy really seems to be working. Dr. Hal and Steve (the P.T.) both at ChiroMedical Group have been working kinks out of my lower back and piriformis. I have noticed a definite improvement. I did a great 16 mile trail run over the weekend at about a 4 hour 50km pace. I followed that up with a 7 miler, a 10 miler (sub 7 minute miles), another 7 miler, and yesterday did 21 miles at around 3:15 marathon pace. Never felt any knee/ankle pain from the piriformis. At times felt some tightness and soreness in the piriformis itself, but overall that 21 mile run gives me some confidence for AR 50 miler, RA 100km and the Keys Ultra 100 coming up.

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