Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My employer's North American headquarters is in Morristown, New Jersey. This was the site of General George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War. The patriots used a path to transport weapons and supplies to the troops. Today that path, along with some abandoned railroad lines, form the Patriots Path. I run this path each time in NJ and took my blackberry with me yesterday to snap some some photos.

I pick up the trail near what appears to be an old mill and waterfall.

While not exactly the most condusive for my Badwater heat training, the trail was beautiful.

The trail winds along some rivers and streams.

And crosses some old country roads and bridges.

A front with a lot of wind and rain came in last night (beat across my hotel room window all night). The run on the trail today should be fun, muddy and slippery. I'm off now to find out.


Well, I did the run. The rain certainly swelled the streams and the waterfall.

At times the streams would overflow their banks turning the woods into swamps:

I was intending to do 10 miles (5 out and back). But came across this at around 3.5 miles and with no way around (and not wanting to do a swim-bike biathlon this morning), ended the morning with 7 miles.

Kind of like this:

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