Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, things appear to be going my way....I just learned yesterday that my lottery application for a summit climbing permit for Mt. Whitney for July 16th was awarded! This is the last day of the Badwater Race and my birthday. It is aggresively optimistic, but I would love to buckle Badwater, which means I have to finish before the end of the 15th. Then I'll crawl into bed with a cold beer in my belly and hopefully ascend Mt. Whitney the next day. The permit is good for 6 people, so that includes me and any of my crew plus I may have room for one or two others.

Thus, the plan is to go within a 3 day period from the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere to the highest point in the contiguous United States. Ouch!


Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Alan,
Good to catch up on your blog again! You've been busy.
Just donated something to your Badwater campaign -- great stuff.
I'll be out in June, but would have loved to come out to support you otherwise.
Oh and, you'll have to give me the name of the sauna you go to ;)
I'll see you at Ruth Anderson -- I'll be helping Rajeev.

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Congrats on the permit. Your big fat hairy goal now got really hairy. I shudder to think of what you might try to do in the future to up this one. I just donated to your campaign before something really BAD happens to you in the sauna. I would try to join you in the sauna or around Whitney, but I doubt my wife would approve...

Alan said...


Thanks - I seem to go a few days/week with no posting and then slap on 3 or more in a day or two :)

Thanks for the CAF pledge - I really appreciate it. See you at RA - hope your training for the TRT through-run is coming along great.


Alan said...


Thanks for the pledge to CAF - really appreciate it. Truth be told, "big, fat and hairy" describes the other sauna users better than the wishful images I posted. Oh well :)

It would be great, and you are more than welcome to come on down to crew/pace or just even for the summit attempt if you like. Let me know!


anil said...

Thats excellent news Alan. I wish i can pile on those permits :).