Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I sometimes get so caught up at work that I end up missing my run or having to cut it short. So, I decided to order some inspiration that I will look at and it will motivate me to get out behind my desk and out on the road. I found that on eBay and purchased this print:

The photographer gave me permission to host this image. His name is Gordon Hastings and he is specialized in photographing landmark sites across California and the Southwest. All his images are hand printed on silver gelatin paper. Each image is limited to a maximum of 24 prints and he also provides a written narrative for each photograph setting the context for the location and image. He sells a lot of his work on ebay (for unbelievably low prices) - his ebay name is: f128shooter
This will be hung above my desk and will hopefully help me escape my office and get my butt out there on the road.

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anil said...

Coool. Alan your sense of posting the right pictures is unparallel. you are too funnyyyy