Monday, March 24, 2008


This is the first official line-up of the “Get That Lazy Ass of Alan’s Across The Badwater 135 Finish-line Crew".

These three have unwisely…I mean graciously volunteered to assist me in this endeavor. My plan is to get at least one more member and one alternate in case of a last minute scheduling issue.

Short intros:

Chris Pickett is my brother-in-law (pictured above with my sis and their daughter Winter). He routinely exercises and has helped support in various ways both my mother and sister when they did the Breast Cancer multi-day walks. He is also the owner of a possible support van that he has offered up for the cause.

Rajeev Patel is a friend from years ago with whom I have recently become reacquainted with via ultramarathoning. He is the Race Director of the Ruth Anderson Ultraruns and a finisher of numerous ultramarathons. He has crewed and supported runners in the past and has coached with the Team Asha group. Raj will serve as the Crew Captain.

Willy Nevin is a long time friend and co-founder of the San Francisco Triathlon Club. He and I have suffered some heat racing when we did the Kona ½ Ironman together (above). He is also a finisher of the Furnace Creek 508 – a 508 mile bike race through Death Valley. Here is his race report: He also has a support van all set-up for racing support that he has offered up to the cause.

The old saying is CREW stands for Cranky Runner Endless Waiting. We shall see - no doubt I'll get cranky, but I will do my best to keep the waiting to a minimum (less than 60 hours anyway).

Here is my fundraising site – please go there and donate to the Challenged Athletes Foundation - and then send the link to everyone you have ever known, met, seen, heard of, or spoken with in your entire life – even those you see walking, sleeping or driving down the street telling them about the race and the CAF (it is for a GREAT cause):
Endurazone Fundraising

For more information about the race, here is the official website – it is full of great info:

....and did I mention my fundraising site? Endurazone Fundraising

TRAINING EVENTS: I will be traveling down to Death Valley at least once or twice before the race to do some training runs. My therapy is progressing and my body is recovering. I did a great 16 mile trail run Saturday averaging a nice clip. Today I did a bit over 10 at just under 7 minute mile pace. Looking forward to the Death Valley training runs.

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