Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today Cori and went down to Golden Gate Park to run an evening 5k run (Cori and Juan decided to do the 2 mile walk....I think she was the first pregnant lady to finish).

I have run this one a few times in the past and have done quite well, but my legs were still very tired from the Diablo 50k and with only 3 days between the two races I wasn't expecting too much. Cori and I got there and registered for the race.

I lined up and waited for the starting gun. Soon we were off and running. The race starts with a lap around the polo fields. Then we went off on a bike path and running. I was somewhere around 12th place I believe.

I approached the first mile and the time was 6:50. Not bad considering my legs felt like crap and we were running up hill.

Soon, the course changed to a trail that went downhill. I started to pick up the pace here and passed a few people. The trail continued down past the boat pond and then past the buffalo pastures. Then we turned right and entered a sandy trail that wound through trees and around ponds.

Finally we went up hill back to the Polo fields and across the finish line. I crossed in 20:39.....a 6:39 minute mile average.
Certainly not my fastest, but considering how my legs felt I was quite happy. I grabbed some post-race goodies.

Then I waited for Cori, Gabriella and Juan to come across the finish line.

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