Sunday, June 20, 2010

MY WESTERN STATES 100 PREDICTIONS is holding a prediction contest for the upcoming Western States 100. Here are my picks (notice my name is glaringly absent):

Men Top 8:
Geoff Roes
Hal Koerner
Gary Robbins
Anton Krupicka
Kilian Jornet
Erik Skaden
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki
Leigh Schmitt

Masters Men: Tsuyoshi Kaburaki

Women Top 8:
Nikki Kimball
Suzanna Bon
Tracy Garneau
Caren Spore
Devon Crosby-Helms
Meghan Arbogast
Jill Perry
Beverley Anderson-Abbs

Masters Women: Beverly Anderson-Abbs


Paige said...

Now, are those in any particular order? I didn't realize Jill Perry was running...innnnnteresting!

Alan said...

First to Eighth top to bottom.
Can't guarantee Jill is, but she is listed as entered.